Romping Around

In Fashion on July 23, 2009 at 10:34 am

Forever21 Ruffle Trim Linen Romper

Love it or Hate it, the reinvented jumpsuit is here to stay! This super comfortable and practical outfit allows you to perform the one-stop outfit choice in your closet and look fresh and fashionable all day long. To complete this summer look, just throw on some strappy sandals, add some funky jewelry and you are ready to hit the runway (or supermarket)!

Forever21 once again gives us an affordable and cute option for jumpsuits. This Ruffle Trim Linen Romper is the perfect summer option which you can dress up or down for only $19.80!

Cost: $19.80

Buy It:

  1. OMG I know, but kill me, they were all sold out when I went to the other day. If you’re gonna do Forever 21 romper I suggest you get it online…

    Also, Bebe has a really really cute one with a half sleeve on one side. I would already be a proud owner, but this jumpsuit thing doesn’t really seem to do much for my figure. Just thought someone should own it if I can’t… :p

  2. I LOVE IT! Was seriously going to be on a mission to find one today… now at least I have a place to start. I’ll keep you posted with what I find.

  3. Is the price 19.80 or is that the year?! =P Hot damn I love jumpsuits/rompers!

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