Clipa Your Way to a Clean Purse!

In Fashion on July 31, 2009 at 10:46 am


There is nothing I hate more than spending major cash on a designer handbag and then having NO WHERE to put it when I am at a restaurant, in a bathroom stall, at my office desk…the list goes on! I can almost feel the bacteria and dirt seeping into the bottom of my bag when I set it on the floor or on a bar stool and I have to muster serious willpower not the whip out the 409 or Clorox and disinfect my purse. *Note to self…find purse friendly disinfecting wipes before destroying bag with heavy duty chemicals.

Luckily, inventors everywhere have come up with the ingenious idea to create portable bag hooks….little hanging devices that come in all sorts of bedazzled forms which allow you to bring along your own hangbag hanger. The only problem with these cute and jeweled bag hangers is that they aren’t that sturdy and I can never find them in the disorganized chaos of my bag. This was a major issue….until now!

Clipa is a handy lil purse hanging device that actually works and when not in use, it hooks right on to the outside (or inside) of my bag thus making it easy to find!! Use it in restaurants, outdoor cafes, bars, restrooms, sporting events and more. When you’re ready to go, Clipa slips right off and back onto your bag thanks to its patent-pending clip system. Clipa claims to be markedly different from other hangers: it goes directly on the handbag strap and stays there, ready for immediate access thanks to its automatic closure system. It also is of substantially higher quality: Clipa can hold up to 45 pounds, is made in the U.S. (Go USA!) from North American parts and has been machine tested to perform the equivalent of ten years of daily service.

Hooray!! No more creepy crawlies on my handbag because I can elevate my bag off the floor anywhere I go AND I will actually remember to use it!

Cost: $24.95

Buy It:

  1. Yes! I swear by these

  2. it’s actually – I had to search a bit to find it.

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