My Boyfriend’s Back and I’m Gonna Be in Trouble

In Fashion on August 17, 2009 at 10:25 am

Boyfriend Jeans

Why is it that men can slip on a pair of ratty jeans, a t-shirt and still send us swooning with their effortless “cool guy” look? Why can’t we just fall into an outfit and forgo the 2 hour preening session everyday? Well…maybe this seaon we can take a page outta our boyfriend’s look-book and steal his clothes! The Boyfriend Look is the latest and greatest fashion trend to hit the streets and I can’t wait to ditch my skin tight designer jeans and raid my BF’s wardrobe!

Tips for the Look:
-If you go for a boyfriend jean, embrace your curves with a feminine or figure-enhancing top, something that accentuates between your waist and hip.

-If you like boyfriend blazers—then stay sleek with the rest of your look. Instead of a baggy jean, try an über feminine skinny capri or leggings, for example, or a flouncy, Betsey Johnson-style skirt or dress. Androgyny is all well and good, but leave the Annie Lennox look to Annie Lennox. 🙂

Cost- Boyfriend Jeans: $196

Buy It:


Cost-Boyfriend Jeans: $39.50

Buy it:


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