Death to the Polaroid

In Electronics on August 21, 2009 at 3:41 pm

Urban Outfitters Polaroids

For those of you who don’t know anything about The Impossible Project (I had no clue), this organization basically has set is sights on re-inventing the polariod analog product offering into a global digital manufacturer. Basically, Polaroid stopped production on the classic “instant” film in 2008, and former Polaroid employees are trying in vein to save the iconic camera.

The Impossible Project acquired the last of Polaroid’s instant film and camera kits and is going to sell them via Urban Outfitters, starting today, August 21st, 2009. Of course, it’s deadstock and very limited edition, and you’ll have to go to one of the physical stores to get the film or kits.

Want a piece of history? Go to the nearest Urban Outfitters and scoop up the last remaining polaroid film inserts on earth!

BTW- This means no more taking polaroids of your shoes and stapling the polaroid to the shoe box in your closet. OR taking polaroids of yourfits to see how they look. Gasp I guess that’s what digi cameras are for….

Cost: Probably not that much…but priceless for your grandkids to have fun with!

Buy It: Urban Outfitters Store Locations

  1. check out you can turn your pictures into polaroids. It’s amazing!

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