Sun Worshiper’s Best Friend

In Electronics on August 28, 2009 at 10:11 am

UV Monkey

Ok…We all know that a sun-kissed tan makes us feel more attractive, skinnier, refreshed and in general…better looking. We also know that logging too many hours in the sun will have us most definitely looking like the tanorexic Magda (think leathery, over tanned skin) from “There’s something about Mary”. Let’s blame that evil Ultraviolet light for making us cower underneath a large brimmed hat and slather on SPF 75…

However, if you want to spend a day at the beach or hiking in the mountains, there is no avoiding the sun and just short of wearing a ski mask and space suit…how do we know if the evil UV is getting to us?

In comes the UV Monkey. This magical little device attaches to our keyring and lets us know at what levels the sun is kicking off wrinkle-inducing (not to mention cancer causing) UV rays! The UV Monkey will assist you by checking UV levels so that you know when to protect your skin. This helpful device is especially necessary for the lil ones because we all know that permanent skin damage from too much sun often is done before age 18.

Once exposed to sunlight, the center will change to different shades of purple to indicate increasing levels of UV light (darker means higher level of UV). The UV Monkey can indicate 4 different ranges of the UV Index (Index 1-2, Index 3-5, Index 6-8, Index 9-11).

Au revoir UV fear. Hello UV Monkey!

Cost: $9.99

Buy It: Think Geek

  1. i want this. i thought i was being all cool and fashion forward since i found this on Culture of Cute, but then when i saw the site you buy it from… i realized why i wanted it. but i don’t care… i’m still buying it.

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