High Heel, Low Price

In Fashion on September 10, 2009 at 3:28 pm

Siriano for Payless

Former Project Runway contestant Christian Siriano has recently released his Fall Shoe Collection- for Payless! There has been buzz about this collection for months and now they have finally released select pieces into stores.

It’s a hot collection of shoes, that’s for sure. The line is priced from $25-$45.00 which is approximately a million times cheaper than Siriano’s high end clothing and shoe line. That being said, the true test will be quality, let’s hope this collection lives up to its value.

There has also been a ton of mentions that this line is VERY similar to the Rodarte shoe collection from a few years back, but hello!? Who cares, Siriano is bringing high fashion to the everyday gal which is awesome.

Cost: $25-$45.00


  1. Two of these look as if they have been designed to castrate a guy if he doesn’t do a good enough job after having been spurred on to do so!

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