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In Beauty on September 24, 2009 at 10:49 am

Caruso Hair

I personally hate using curling irons. I always end up burning the top of my ear, taking forever to address and curl each section of hair on my head, and damaging my locks (I know this because my hair smokes every time I use a curling iron). This is why when I am looking to create a soft, wavy hair style, I use curlers. Yeah yeah…I know…they make you look like a 1950’s housewife but the are SO effective. I just let them heat up while I’m drying my hair, pop them in, apply my makeup and boom, I’m done!

This is why I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect set of curlers and what I’ve found is the Caruso 30 Molecular Ion Steam Hairsetter! This scientifically named curling set is the best of Folica (my go-to beauty product site) and has 143 raving reviews of this dream hair machine on the review page.

According to the product pitch, this new anti-static, anti-frizz Caruso Professional Ion Steam Hairsetter uses negative ions to produce up to three times the amount of steam produced by ordinary hairsetters. The quick heat-up sponge curlers/rollers are infused with the maximum number of ions to create strong, long-lasting and luxurious curls. This helps condition, soften and make hair shinier while adding volume and reducing frizz. Loves it!

But it: Folica

Cost: $39.95


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