Rosy Cheeks

In Beauty on September 25, 2009 at 3:12 pm

Rosy Cheeks

Sporting a Rosy Glow comes from sprinting on a treadmill or choosing the perfect blush to adorn your cheeks. I choose the latter of the two because you can’t run everywhere or constantly hang out at the gym. Rosy Cheeks are one of the Top 10 Fall Makeup Trends this season, according to Allure, and I couldn’t agree more! Nothing looks more fresh or engaging than the perfectly pink cheeks.

TRICK OF THE TRADE: Makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury likes to blend pink blush high on the cheekbones, as opposed to on the apples. “It makes the flush more sophisticated,” she said.

Best Blushes for the Rosy Cheeks Effect:

NARS Blush – Each Nars Blush ($25) is loaded with pigment, never streaks, and is utterly flattering. I like Orgasm for fair skin, Amour (shown) for medium, and Taos for dark. Taj Mahal is also a fan favorite!

MAC Powder Blush – MAC’s Raizin ($18.50) is a Golden reddish-brown (Matte) blush that has a strong following on beauty/makeup blogs. MAC’s Lover rush is also very popular (muted burgundy color).

L’Oreal True Match Blush ($9.99) is a great drugstore blush, flawlessly complements your skin’s tone and texture, and is easy to find…look for it in any drug store in america. Just match your skin tone to the product and you’ve found yourself a winning blush!


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