Capelet Crusader

In Fashion on October 6, 2009 at 3:35 pm

Gossip Girl Capelet

The Capelet is a great piece for ‘pre-coat’ or California weather–as a capelet over both shoulders, or just over one shoulder for an asymmetrical look. Then when it gets really cold (aka Californians take a vacay to a cold weather climate), you can wear it as a cowl scarf with your winter coat.

The Capelet is such a romantic, posh, and Euro chic addition to any outfit. They’re a great layering piece and can add texture, a sleek sophistication, and warmth. Remember not to get a capelet (or cape) that is too long for your frame; you’ll end up looking like a superhero (or villain).

New York and CompanyCable Knit Capelet
Cost: $48.00

Anthropologie Trio Wrap
Cost: $148.00

Spiegel Tube Scarf
Cost: $39.00

Ralph Lauren Black Label Capelet Turtleneck Sweater
Cost: $698


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