Lululemon Love

In Fashion on October 9, 2009 at 10:50 am


Even though my workout schedule is as often as the lunar cycle, I find it necessary to always shop for yoga pants, sports bras, and other fun gym gear. About a year ago, I stumbled upon the most amazing workout pants ever. Bold statement, I know. My common complaints about work out pants is that they aren’t flattering, they are a crappy cotton material that stretches out easily and theres always drawstrings or loose waistbands that have me pulling up my pants on the treadmill. Enter Lululemon.

Lululemon Athletica designs a genius array of workout apparel options and yoga focused work out products. Their pants are omg-amazing. This Vancouver based company has perfected how a yoga pant should fit; the pants are customized to your body, tailored for length, are made of this amazing dry-fit type material that wicks sweat away from your body. Oh and did I mention they make your butt look amazing?! Every body-type is flattered in their pants. Seriously.

Low rise, high rise, slim leg, wide leg, reversible: they’ve got ‘em all. They make their pants in a variety of fabrics to suit every activity from warm up to cool down. Pants are offered in regular and tall lengths and include features such as four-way stretch, hidden waist pockets, and gussets so they don’t ride up.

Get your workout groove on in Lululemon!

Buy it: Lululemon

Cost: $78.00-$98.00

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