Little Leather Mini

In Fashion on October 26, 2009 at 3:11 pm

Stretch Leather Mini Skirt

There are days when I want to throw aside my cardigans and pearl earrings and wear something a bit edgier; to wear an outfit that fits my alter ego (somewhere in between Sasha Fierce and Lara Croft) and allows me to momentarily escape from corporate America. On occasion, my black leather biker jacket does the trick but lately, I have been seriously crushing on Leather Mini Skirts. Flaunting your great gams is so in.

Leather (or Faux Leather) is always a staple in your Fall wardrobe and what better time to slip into a fashion forward leather mini skirt, pair it with a frilly white blouse, and knock some serious socks off! You can tone down the hard core nature of a leather mini skirt by coupling it with flats or booties, wearing it over leggings, or donning a soft, feminine fabric shirt. Just remember to choose textiles that are the opposite with leather to keep this look fresh and in style. No one wants to look like a Hell’s Angels gang member.

Here are a some of my favorite Little Leather Mini Skirts:

Silence & Noise Tiered Faux Leather Mini Skirt
Cost: $78.00

Urban Renewal Leather Mini Skirt (Blue, Brown, Black, Pink and Red)
Cost: $58.00

Express Leather Mini Pencil Skirt
Cost: $69.50

Gianni Bini“Liz” Leather Skirt
Cost: $198.00

  1. I’m completely up for it. I’m in the market for a leather biker jacket already…why not add a skirt for the office???

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