Casually Chic in Cardigans

In Fashion on October 27, 2009 at 3:25 pm


If comfort is currency in fashion, I’d be flat broke. Not often enough are the current fashion trends soft, comfortable, flattering and in style. Alas, the fashion gods are smiling down upon us and have deemed the Cardigan back in vogue!

A partially-buttoned sweater combined with equally soft pieces can look effortlessly casual. But don’t overdo the layers or the prep appeal. Not only does casual suddenly look too strict but you’re likely to start peeling off pieces in most overheated interiors. You can tailor your cardigan with a thin studded belt or rock the boyfriend cardigan over skinny jeans for the prep school look. Leave the single string of pearls at home though…too much prep isn’t good for your social life.

Check out these prep school worthy styles:

Banana Republic Boyfriend Cardigan
Cost: $79.50

Top Shop Military Cardigan
Cost: $120.00

J Crew Merino Micro-sequin Cardigan
Cost: $198.00

Dark Harts Rugby Stripped Cardigan
Cost: $48.00


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