Meaningful Beauty

In Beauty on December 28, 2009 at 10:07 am
Anti aging

Meaningful Beauty

Cindy Crawford has associated her beauty, name, and reputation to the “Meaningful Beauty” anti-aging skin care product line. Since Crawford is a natural beauty (who absolutely denies ever getting Botox injections) we have to wonder: does Meaningful Beauty have true meaning?

Meaningful Beauty is based on a formulation developed by French skin care expert, Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh. What is the secret ingredient unearthed by Dr. Sebagh? Rare French melon. Sebagh believes some melons can defend our skin from the breakdown of collagen, which happens with age. Too good to be true? I was pretty sold by the informercial and plan to try this miracle serum right away!

Meaningful Beauty is marketed by TV marketing pros Guthy Renker (home of Proactiv and Youthful Essence) as the “Complete Age Maintenance System.” The line consists of a cleanser, moisturizer, night fluid, eye crème, masque and neck crème. Meaningful Beauty can be ordered as an introductory kit that gets you an automatic shipment every 90 days.

Buy It: Meaningful Beauty
Cost: $29.95 + shipping (90 day supply)

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