Feathers aren’t just for birds

This spring, you hair can go the birds. Literally. According to Jess Zaino, uber cool style blogger at Glamour, weaving in feathers to your hair are all the rage in SoCal, and the trend is spreading its wingspan all over the country.

It started with Steven Tyler, of all places, seen below rocking feathers on American Idol.

So how did this trend begin? Malibu sisters started Fine Feather Heads to embrace their bomhemian lifestyle. What began as simple hair extensions, blossomed into braiding 100 percent all-natural bird feathers into hair. Now it’s a national business, selling as far as Florida and New York City.

According to Fine Feather Heads’ Facebook page, they use only the “highest quality REAL feathers from farm raised birds… in a variety of colors from blue, red, even wild hot pinks and purples to natural colors like golden-rod and tigers-eye.

Installation takes less than a couple minutes, with no damage to hair. And, they can be brushed, blow-dried, straightened and curled!

Buy It: Fine Feather Heads
Cost: $20 each (or $75 for 10 packs or more)


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