Vix’s Vixens

Summer is upon us and what better way to kick off the season than with a new bikini! Vix Swimwear is one of my favorite brands because it’s durable, super cute and comes in great colors! Vix’s name actually comes from the stunning beach city of Vitoria in Brazil, where founder Paula Hermanny was brought up and dreamed her first dreams of the style she wanted to bring to women’s bathing suits.

My favorite part of Vix Swimwear is the fact that the bathing suits come in either Brazilian Cut or Full Cut. I happen to love Brazilian bikinis because I think they make your rear look cuter. Also, the tops of their bikinis are adjustable with a sliding tubes. You can make your bikini demure or vixified in a matter of seconds!

Buy It: Vix
Cost: $75+ for top or bottom ($150 total)


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