In Beauty on April 18, 2011 at 8:58 am

Raved about by top fashion editors and beauty bloggers, this press-obsessed wonder product is becoming a cult classic. Wonderlust is an omega rich hair tonic that provides maximum shine, hair color illumination and condition to all types of hair (especially color treated). Created with Kelly Van Gogh’s signature fragrance of jasmine and rose.

Wonderlust is a multi-tasking hair tonic that acts as a detangler, a light leave-in conditioner, a thermal (styling) heat protector, a UV protector and a pH balancer. It is the only styling product you need for gorgeous, healthy and manageable hair. Packed with light reflecting mica shine minerals, Wonderlust is like a disco ball for your hair. Your hair will never look shinier and your color will never look more illuminated.

HOW TO USE IT: Spray 5-10 times (depending on hair length and thickness) on clean, damp hair before combing and then blow dry and style as usual.

Buy It: Kelly Van Gogh
Cost: $30.00


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