Hydrate Thirsty Summer Skin

Adara pure organic coconut oil works as a gentle makeup remover, a moisturizer, and a hair conditioning treatment (and it’s eco-friendly and fair trade). But it also helps heal and prevent acne. Apply to clean dry skin before bed (a little goes a long way) and wake up to skin that is substantially less inflamed, more matte, soft and healed. Coconut oil is a natural anti-bacterial which heals inflammations & removes redness. Also, the natural lauric acid gently removes dead skin cells helping healthy skin to glow! If you have naturally oily skin this coconut oil (used at night) will actually help your skin be less shiny the next day! It’s a miracle nature product.

Buy It: B Glowing
Cost: $12


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One thought on “Hydrate Thirsty Summer Skin

  1. Wow this is so cool. Since I cook with couonct oil too I’m thinking this should be like the call of the wild to hubby! He’ll be thinking food.

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