Wild Hearts (and Heads)

Do you consider yourself a cutting edge hipster? Do you find yourself daydreaming about your outfit for Coachella next year? Do you have a penchant for rocking faux fur and wouldn’t mind sporting faux fur ears too? SpiritHoods the fashion accessory for you. 😉

According to Foam Magazine’s editor, the creators of SpiritHoods came up with the idea because …

“We all love life, adventure, music, dancing and being wild. We are all animals at the core of it all. SpiritHoods came out of love for all those things. My brothers and I are all very close, we have played with different concepts over the years with the intention of bringing fashion and that wild energy we share together. What is mind blowing is the experiences you have when you go out with your tribe in the hoods. People are either like “F**** yea you guys are amazing! Let me pet you and take a pic!” Or their like. . . “Umm . . . I don’t get it. Let me try it anyway!”

Try this wild look:

Buy It: SpiritHoods

ps- they also have SpiritHoods for kids!

Cost: $69+


All things cute, fashionable and trendy!

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