Take a Stance for Socks




Stance, the leaders in the sock market and innovators in the category, continue to redefine the way we think of socks— constantly pushing the creative envelope in terms of style and design. Today the brand announced the launch of their women’s collection for the Holiday season. In their first offering, the new female-focused Stance socks showcase femininity with a unique attention to detail, showing trends paralleling those showing on the runways.

The Stance women’s collection brings personality to socks like never before.  With the intention of treating socks as an equal-opportunity accessory, Stance can not only act as a statement piece or add an element of surprise to your attire, but can also compliment any outfit from day-to-night—casual to conservative. Stance’s newdesigns, cuts, embellishments and patterns will have fashionistas from coast to coast favoring their new far out designs for holiday.

“Socks are not just fun accessory to add color to your everyday wardrobe, but in women’s fashion in particular, they’ve also become a true extension of personality and style,” said Stance Women’s Creative Director, Candy Harris.  “Our goal with this new extension into the female space is really to make socks a contender in the accessories category. We really took the women’s design process to the next level and are thrilled to introduce Stance’s incredible new line into the market this holiday season.” 

MSRP: $15

All things cute, fashionable and trendy!

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