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Rock out like Lady Gaga

In Electronics, Entertainment on March 21, 2011 at 10:45 am

Looking to be more like Lady Gaga? Minus the eclectic outfits and pod/egg structures, you can. Enter Lady Gaga HeartBeats Headphones.

The Lady Gaga HeartBeats In-Ear Headphones from Monster are the result of a direct collaboration between Lady Gaga and Monster, with the goal of creating one-of-a-kind headphones that sound amazing. Designed by Lady Gaga herself, the HeartBeats look like no other headphone available and offer the sound quality to match. The HeartBeats capture the deep bass and pitch-perfect treble created by today’s digital artists, allowing you to feel the music instead of merely listening to it.

The in-ear design and soft silicone eartips provide a secure, comfortable fit that will keep you listening for hours. A proper fit provides maximum noise isolation, improves bass response, and allows you to listen at lower, safer volume levels. Monster’s exclusive flat cable design ensures that the HeartBeats are always tangle-free, while the standard 3.5mm mini plug provides compatibility with a wide range of MP3 players, CD players, computers, and other devices.

Buy It: Amazon
Cost: $99.00


Shake Your Booty

In Electronics, Health & Fitness on December 14, 2010 at 4:15 pm

With all the baked treats at work, holiday meals and parties, and traveling, your healthy diet may take a backseat the next few weeks (or more)!

Don’t wait until New Years to make your get-fit resolutions. Start now, by watching your portions of desserts and treats and getting some fun exercise in. Fun exercise? I know that sounds like a oxymoron but it’s actually a reality.

Dance off the pounds with the new Xbox Kinect Dance Central game or Zumba Fitness. This amazing new video game technology brings games and entertainment to life in extraordinary new ways without using a controller. The video game actually uses your body as the remote control! As you dance and move around your living room floor…so does your game avatar. This is one fun way to shake off the pounds.

XBox Kinect
Buy It:Best Buy
Cost: $299.99

Xbox Kinect Dance Central Game
Buy it: Best Buy
Cost: $49.99

Xbox Kinect Zumba Fitness Game
Buy it: Amazon
Cost: $39.96

Fire Your Trainer

In Electronics, Health & Fitness on September 15, 2010 at 9:18 am

Fire your trainer and go buy an iPhone (if you don’t already have one). iFitness is one iPhone app we can’t live without because it is the personal trainer in your pocket (24 hours/day). This, #1 in the world fitness, app designs a workout for you based on your goals and shows you how to do the exercises with video and text instruction. It saves you thousands of dollars that you would have to spend on a personal trainer to get the same info.

It can also be thought of as a workout encyclopedia. It is a collection over 200 exercises, all with photos and easy to follow instructions. So the next time you are shelling out $100/session for your personal trainer, download this app and see if you can’t achieve the same results!

Buy It: iTunes
Cost: $1.99

Your Hoodie Just Updated Your Facebook Status

In Electronics, Fashion on April 27, 2010 at 4:58 pm

Who would have thought that you could accept a friend request on Facebook via your hoodie? That concept is so “back to the future”, along with hover skateboards. Well I guess the future is here!

Ping, developed by Jennifer Darmour (Seattle-based user experience designer), is a social networking garmet that allows you to stay connected with your facebook friends off screen.

The technologically advanced garmet connect you wirelessly and perform functions on facebook simply by performing natural gestures that are built into the mechanics of the garments we wear. You literally just have to lift up a hood, tie a bow, zip, button, and simply move, bend and swing to ping your friends naturally and automatically. No phone, no laptop, no hardware. Simply go about your day, look good and stay connected.

This garmet almost seems too good to be true. Does it really keep you connected to the internet and performing “friend requests” while you cruise the mall or drive to work? How do you visually see what you are doing on Facebook? I would hate to “poke” someone I don’t know or deny a friend request because I accidentally lifted my hood over my head.

If this concept does work, in theory and in practice, will the mobile device soon become extinct and we stay connected via our pashminas?

I am excited to see what develops in the wearable technology world!

Check it out: Electricfoxy

Digital Clutch

In Electronics on March 30, 2010 at 11:35 am

Give her something with beauty and brains: The Vivienne Tam Edition HP Mini 210 Digital Clutch. Fashion icon Vivienne Tam has teamed up with technology icon HP to produce this designer digital clutch—the ultimate communications laptop for the fashionista. In a gorgeous butterfly print, it’s a lightweight (2.69 lbs.), an amazing 1″ thick, and has a tonal, almost full-size keyboard (92% of the standard) that’s perfect for tweeting, IMing, facebooking, and having stylish face-to face chats via the built-in HP Mini Webcam and microphone. Plus the 10.1″ diagonal, edge to edge BrightView Infinity display gives her a great way to show her photos, access the Web, and stay on top of her busy schedule.

Buy It: Neiman Marcus
Cost: $599.99

Details for You Techy Fashionistas:
Comes with an Intel® Atom™ N450 Processor® Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 3150 graphics card; Microsoft® Works 9, Windows® Internet Explorer 7, and Windows® Media Player 11; 1GB of RAM; and 250GB HDD. 6.56″W x .99″D x 10.3″T. One year hardware parts and labor warranty and award-winning, toll-free 24/7 support, and it’s even ENERGY STAR® qualified for superior energy efficiency and helping to save the environment.

Next Up, Nexus One

In Electronics on January 12, 2010 at 5:33 pm

Move over iPhone 3GS, competition has finally caught up with you! The Nexus One (Google’s second generation super phone) recently launched, and it’s sleek new design and killer open interface (for the techy fashionistas out there) has people clambering to get one.

No longer must we all be iPhone clones of one another (differentiating out phones only by bedazzled covers or jewel encrusted skins); we can now be the first fashionista on the block to own the Nexus One. With it’s ultra-thin body to sleek, fluid and curved edges, a 3.7 inch touch display screen and apps galore–the phone is absolutely lustworthy. The phone will run you $179 (with a 2-year T-Mobile contract) or $530 without a contract.

Be the first fashion focused, techy girl with the Nexus One:

Buy It: Google
Cost: $179.00 (with T-Mobile contract)

Oh Baby

In Beauty, Electronics on January 12, 2010 at 11:21 am

Online forums are abuzz with props for this petite light-therapy powerhouse. Using technology developed by NASA for healing in space, the Baby Quasar works by stimulating the production of collagen, thereby diminishing the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and large pores, even out discoloration, address acne and other skin conditions, slow hair loss and actually rev re-growth. This baby (or BabyQ, as it’s affectionately called) is the only tool out there to tout (count ’em) four light wavelengths (that’s amber, red and infrared). What that means? Quicker, more reliable results.

The Baby Quasar is also designed with powerful wavelengths and frequencies making it the most powerful consumer device. Simply and thoughtfully designed for you, the individual who wants to perform maintenance treatments and touchups all within the fun and convenience of your own home. The perfect solution to enhance results in problem areas in between treatments at your spa or clinic.

*There is also a laser for acne! The quasar light therapy baby blue helps banish blemish-causing bacteria from sebaceous glands where the trouble starts.

Buy It: Baby Quasar
Cost: $399.00

Power Cords are oh-so 90’s

In Electronics, Home, Travel on December 8, 2009 at 12:59 pm

The Powermat is a slim and sleek new way to wirelessly charge all your favorite devices from one power source without the tangled mess of wires. A magnetic attraction between every receiver and each access point on every mat assures that alignment is precise and the most efficient charging will occur—it’ll be as fast or faster than the original power adapter.

The dandy “power-parking” mat delivers an exact amount of power for the proper length of time so that the transfer of power is safe and efficient and no energy is ever wasted, aka, it’s nice to the environment. Furthermore, the mat has four charging positions–three wireless, and one wired USB connector for charging a fourth device (iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, and computer). Voila!

Buy It: Amazon
Cost: $99.00

Cozy Laptop Sleeve

In Electronics on October 23, 2009 at 10:06 am


Lately, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect laptop carrying case or laptop sleeve. Tumi is too masculine and I’m just not into polka dotted, patent leather or neoprene sleeves. The first time saw the Byrd & Belle Wool Felt Laptop Sleeve, I was in love. This 13″ grey wool sleeve sports weathered leather straps and an edgy, i’m-business-women-hear-me-roar kinda way..

This Wool Felt Laptop Sleeve is modern and simple and is made of 1/8″ thick felted wool offering great protection for your laptop. Snug fit and modern closure design with heavy duty graphite snaps. Leather patch at the bottom makes it comfortable to carry.

Buy It: Byrd & Belle

Cost: $78.00

Acne Incorporated

In Beauty, Electronics on October 15, 2009 at 10:24 am

Claro Acne Clearing Device

At one point or another, we all struggle with acne (even the word is ugly) and we have an arsenal of lotions, potions and pills to make our skin newborn clear and rid ourselves of the unsightly skin condition. From my experience, most lotions and miracle cures for acne seem to be too good to be true. Celebrity endorsements and bleached clothing (from the fabric unfriendly benzyl peroxide) doesn’t make up for the lack of effectiveness.

Devices seem to be the new wave of innovations for treating blemished skin but the latest invention is IPL (intense pulsed light) technology…sometimes called photorejuvenation or photofacial. This is the same technology that populates dermatologists offices worldwide and is a skin treatment which is commonly used to improve a wide range of skin problems including: sun damage, wrinkles, stretch marks, and age spots. IPL in-office treatments are very expensive and require multiple visits to do the job.

Claro Acne Clearing Device is the latest and greatest at home acne treatment that claims to use a powerful combination of heat and light to treat mild to moderate acne quickly and naturally. It’s painless, fast and kills up to 94.8% of acne bacteria after just one treatment. Also, no side effects…which is a major concern of mine when operating an at-home laser. Claro delivers a series of pulses in six seconds that safely penetrate the skin to target the cause of acne.

Get your very own acne IPL device and zap your way back to clearer skin!

Buy It: Nordstrom
Cost: $250

Here is a before and after review of the Claro Acne Clearing Device effects!