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Antiperspirant doesn’t cause Cancer!

In Health & Fitness on March 24, 2011 at 1:35 pm

Unfortunately in this world, many things we enjoy or need to use come with potential health risks. Experts often debate the dangers of certain chemicals used in beauty products, but as consumers (and perhaps beauty junkies) being force-fed loads of conflicting information, it’s hard to decipher fact from fiction. For example, many women have sworn off using antiperspirant altogether (preferring gentle deodorants), claiming it can cause cancer. Well, the smart ladies over at Beauty Brains have done some investigating and found that many of these scary antiperspirant claims are total rubbish. In fact, the American Cancer Society no longer wants these rumors running rampant, and they’re setting the record straight.

These are five statements about antiperspirant. Read them all and then guess which ones are true:

1. Antiperspirants increase our risk of developing breast cancer.
2. Applying antiperspirant immediately after shaving allows chemicals to more easily enter the body from the armpit area and increases the risk of breast cancer.
3. Parabens in antiperspirants cause disease.
4. Antiperspirants prevent people from sweating out cancer-causing toxins out through our lymph nodes, so toxins build up in breast tissue.
5. Men are less likely to get breast cancer since antiperspirant gets caught in their underarm hair and is not absorbed by their skin.