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In Health & Fitness, Shoes on March 2, 2011 at 3:25 pm

Watch out Kim Kardashian, Eva Mendes is on the new fitness fashion ‘it’ girl promoting Reebok’s Easy Tone footwear. With the recent onslaught of celebrities promoting these fitness shoes (Kardashian for Sketchers, Mendes for Reebok), it leads me to believe that there must be some merit to these wonder shoes. Mendes attests to the shoes workout efficacy by saying ““We all walk throughout the day. It’s just a great way to kind of get a workout while you’re doing your basic daily errands….Once you’re wearing them, you do feel your calves working.”

Kardashian states “While I was in New York I found it impossible to find time to work out (it was hard to even find a gym, LOL) so I was looking for ways to stay in shape and Shape-ups have already really impacted my fitness routine for the better.”

Clearly these women are being paid to promote a product so of course their reviews will be glowing…but it makes me think there is something worthwhile about these fitness shoes. I guess the advertising is working. 😉

Sketchers Shape Ups
Buy It: Sketchers
Cost: $100.00+

Reebok Easy Tone
Buy It: Reebok
Cost: $59.99+