Shout It Out

Spills are never sexy and a red splotch on your favorite cream silk blouse is infuriating. Fear messy meals no more (and forget about the plastic restaurant bib) because Shout Wipes instant stain removers are here to save the day. If you don’t pack these bad boys in your purse (or murse) already, you need to…stat. I’ve tried every portable stain remover out there (yeah..I’m talking about you Tide Stick) and none of them work with the same potency that Shout Wipes work. These little guys kick serious butt on stains and the wipes never dry out because they are individually sealed in little packets.

Couple of side notes: be sure to follow the instructions (moving the wipe in a circular motion), and stick to less-fragile apparel (may not be great for your Prada silk dress).

These are a purse must-have…get them.

Buy It: Amazon
Cost: $6.75 (box of 12)


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